GRAND FlAGallery WordPress Plugin

GRAND FlAGallery is a fully integrated Image, Sound, Video Gallery WordPress plugin with a powerful admin panel. Are you looking for a better way to manage and display photos, video on your blogs? Then you must try this fantastic WordPress Plugin. It provides a comprehensive interface for handling photos, MP3 and Video.

How add gallery to WordPress website or blog.

* You can edit photos the way you want: upload an unlimited number of images, create dozens of galleries, group pictures in slideshow, and add up to two text descriptions for each photo – GRAND FlAGallery Plugi is the smart choice when showing the best of your product or describing in brief any event.

* GRAND FlAGallery plugin for WordPress with option to upload videos and manage them in multiple galleries. After install our plugin you can enjoy of fantastic video gallery and show your videos with an original design.
* Adds a sidebar widget to display videos thumbnails of your own choice from WordPress Video Library.

* Our plugin integrates a powerful, highly customizable MP3 music player into WordPress. Allows You to add a playlist to pages, posts and sidebar. Just create your playlist and paste the shortcode where you want to draw it. Friendly for iPad and iPhone (HTML5 / Flash).

With our versatile plugin you can magically change the look and feel of your gallery, a huge selection of skins will help you embed the gallery in your posts and web pages making them feel complete. You will appreciate user friendly interface of skin control panel, making the creation of unique and contemporary style gallery an easy and funny process, and attracting increasing attention from viewers.

Take advantage of media RSS feed function and special button in post editor for easy insertion of shortcode in posts; please your teammates and friends with the chance to share administrative roles for any gallery you choose; enjoy your creativity when copying or moving images between galleries, sorting pictures in a drag-and-drop way, and making cool thumbnails. Make your blog nicer and your life easier!!!

Download Latest Version of Plugin for iPhone

iOS application for managing galleries

iOS application for managing galleries

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